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We specialize in the following activities in shipping: Dry Cargo Chartering Short Sea, Dry Cargo Chartering Deep Sea, Barging and Stevedoring.

Dry Cargo Chartering Short Sea

ABS SHIPPING specializes in dry bulk cargo loads, project loads and general cargoes. The short sea area runs approximately from the Baltic Sea to the eastern Mediterranean. We mainly work for exclusive cargo owners and transport various types of cargo including building materials, scrap, steel, project loads such as transformers, generators, machinery. For 500 tons or more, we are happy to help you find a solution.

Dry Cargo Chartering Deep Sea

ABS SHIPPING is also active in the deep sea market so everything beyond short sea, mainly for the dry cargo sector with requests up to about 20,000 tons. This also applies to different types of loads including project loads. If you have a deep sea load, we would like to help you find a solution.

Barging and Stevedoring

In addition to sea transport, we can offer you the entire logistics process including transhipment and barges. We work together with reliable companies and we are happy to take over the entire organization and planning of the entire logistics process from you.

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